Kitchen Greenery for Restauranteurs

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

When customizing with binary, we aim for beauty and functionality. True aesthetic - after all - radiates an effortless style, informed by how a product is meant to improve our way of being. This understanding of process informs everything we create - gorgeous lighting, chic furniture, and even elevated planter pots.

The Dispensary - a local restaurant in Salt Lake City - asked us at binary to create a “living wall” plant system for their edible plants that would serve as ingredients for their incredible dishes. Not only did our solution provide ease of function for their farm-to-table set-up, but the planter pots added serene greenery to their space too.

Their binary customized living wall plant system featured a hexagon motif and in-folded edges that improved water circulation and space for their edible plants. This ensured that their plants lived happily in their planters, requiring less maintenance than with traditional planter pots. We completed this project in our innovative, 3D printed porcelain in a beautifully natural color, showcasing a timeless yet elevated, modern style that was perfect for The Dispensary’s simplistic and elegant vibe.


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