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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The products that we create at binary reflect not just our sensibilities about design, but also our values regarding materials.

We value creating products from recycled materials, and we take it a step further than most. Recycled plastics traditionally pass through several processes - typically including multiple transportation inputs - before they can be utilized in the production of new products. binary’s solution to reducing our carbon foot print is to leverage additive fabrication to directly create functional and beautiful finished products from locally collected waste materials.

Not only is this process more resource efficient, it enables design freedoms that can help improve the comfort, aesthetic and utility of a product. One of our clients, Miss Billie’s Kids Kampus, needed an effective space-saving solution that would optimize organization, all while being attractive and safe for active children to use. So we created nesting chairs with gorgeous curvature, an open center, and a variety of nesting sizes.

True to our values, the nesting chair was created from locally sourced waste PETG, a beautifully clear material, tough and resilient, and easy to clean. In terms of its design, the negative space of the chair set doubles as organization space while also allowing for a nesting storage solution to minimize the space they take up when put away for the day. It also provides a natural size variety well-suited for the range of child sizes typically found within a daycare setting.

In short, we value a sustainable and comfortable environment for everyone, and prefer tiny foot prints over carbon foot prints. We create furniture products of any size, and we’re equipped to customize according to your lifestyle — reach out today to learn more.


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